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Cheap SHOUTcast / Icecast hosting that does not feel cheap

Create your online radio now and reach millions of potential listeners worldwide

Why choose us?

FYN Radio is designed for low latency global streaming. Get your SHOUTcast / Icecast server hosted on a secure network infrastructure built for stability and performance. Your services are backed by 24/7 support and our 99.9% uptime SLA.

https streaming

Secure & Reliable

We keep our servers updated and secure against vulnerabilities and exploits. Get ssl secure streams served from an Nginx server.

cheap pricing

Value for Money

For as low as $1 per month, you can set up your radio. Start small and scale with time as your audience grows.

support 24/7

Awesome Support

Fast, friendly service from real people

unlimited bandwidth

No Bandwidth caps

We do not place quotas on the traffic you can use in a certain period

with autodj


Access a standard Dj interface right in your browser. Switch between two playlists and a mic source, all without having to install additional software.

99.9% uptime

99.9% Uptime

we use enterprise grade servers configured to handle any streaming situation. The servers are hosted on a low latency network assuring you of uptime at all times.

Plans & Pricing

SHOUTcast Icecast 100

Radio streaming with
100 Listeners

SHOUTcast Icecast 500

Radio streaming with
500 Listeners


Radio streaming with custom configurations to suit your needs

SHOUTcast Icecast 1000

Radio streaming with
1000 Listeners

SHOUTcast Icecast 10000

Radio streaming with
10000 Listeners

About us

FYN Radio is a SHOUTcast / Icecast hosting provider for broadcasters who value security and performance. It is built and maintained by developers who have a hand in radio industry. Our plans are cheaper in comparison to other providers because we saw it fit to create a product that will scale with you. This does not in any way equate to cheap quality.Try us today.

FYN Radio is all about radio streaming. What we do offer is affordable, quality online radio hosting. It is all we do, and we do it well. By focusing on just one thing, we are able to align everything around that one service. We are constantly getting better at it. All of our efforts go towards making us better at our one thing.

Our services are not outsourced from third parties. We are not resellers. We operate and maintain the streaming servers ourselves.

Frequently asked questions

Yes. 100 listeners, 128Kbps, no bandwidth caps. Register for free trial now.

PayPal. All payments are processed securely

FYN Radio places priority on server security. In addition to having ssl secure streams, all SHOUTcast / Icecast streams are served from an Nginx proxy server that has been configured to look out for malicious requests such as bots. You also have the option to block IP addresses, Mac addresses or user agents from within your dashboard.

You can cancel your plan at any time. We will not question your decision

You can upgrade or downgrade at any time.

Yes. You can order additional stations.

Yes. You have two options. Adding more mountpoints or creating streamer accounts for DJs. Have multiple sources and set up your radio as complex or simple however you want it.

This applies if you have ordered AutoDJ. Login to your dashboard and head over to playlists. You can easily drag and drop music files to upload them.

We provide a direct stream link for your station which you can distribute however you want it. You can submit to radio directories such as, onlineradiobox, radio garden, etc

Yes. Platforms such as Facebook require ssl links for streaming content. By default we provide https streams. Attach your live radio streams to Facebook. You can also share on twitter.

Contact Us

We do not advertise ourcelves with cheap pricing, Unlimited Listeners, Space, etc so as to be more attractive to people. It is what we have braced ourcelves for- quality and performance. It will be safe to say we are not biting more than we can chew. We have a commitment to provide the best and most affordable Internet Radio Solution.

You can contact us through our email

Alternatively you can send us a message directly through the form below: